Cloud Security Posture Management

HYMDL CSPM, a solution for cloud security and compliance management. This tool is designed to manage and protect your cloud infrastructure effectively.


HYMDL Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) module is a comprehensive solution that proactively safeguards your cloud environment against misconfigurations and compliance violations. It provides continuous monitoring, intelligent insights, and automated remediation capabilities to help you maintain a robust security posture across your multi-cloud ecosystem.

Security Engine

The Security Engine forms the foundation of HYMDL’s CSPM capabilities. It continuously assesses your cloud environment against a vast library of over 1000 security best practices and industry standards, including CIS Benchmarks, NIST, PCI DSS, and HIPAA. The engine automatically discovers all your cloud assets and evaluates their security posture in real-time.

The Security Engine offers the flexibility to tailor its security checks to your organization’s specific needs and risk profile. It consolidates findings across your multi-account and multi-cloud landscape into a centralized, customizable dashboard. This unified view provides a single pane of glass for monitoring the security posture of your entire cloud ecosystem.

Resource Graph

The Resource Graph takes your cloud resource visibility to the next level by providing an interactive visual representation of your cloud resources and their relationships. It maps out the interconnections between resources and their network paths, giving you a clear understanding of your cloud architecture.

The Resource Graph overlays security findings and risk information onto the visual representation, highlighting high-risk resources. This allows you to quickly identify critical assets and understand the potential impact of security issues.

Attack Path Vectors

On the Resource Graph, you can perform path analysis to determine the blast radius of a potential breach and prioritize remediation efforts based on risk levels. Mark critical assets and simulate compound risk score for the entire path.

The graph can be enriched by your business data from your existing CMDB and IT service management tools enabling you to correlate security findings with business services and assess the potential impact on critical applications.

    Recommendation Engine

    The Recommendation Engine is the powerhouse of HYMDL’s CSPM module, leveraging Generative AI to provide intelligent remediations. When the Security Engine identifies a misconfiguration or vulnerability, the Recommendation Engine generates detailed remediation steps to help your teams resolve the issue quickly and effectively.

    The Recommendation Engine utilizes a generative AI model that has been trained on a vast dataset of cloud security best practices, deployment patterns, and remediation techniques. It analyzes the context of your specific cloud environment and generates tailored recommendations that are relevant and actionable.


    Recommendation Engine also offers story point estimates for each recommended fix. These estimates help your security and DevOps teams prioritize their workload and plan their sprints more effectively. By understanding the effort required for each remediation task, you can allocate resources efficiently and ensure that the most critical issues are addressed first.

    With integration to planning tools like Jira, security analysts can add a ticket to the application teams backlog with a click of a button.

    Intelligent Security for your Cloud

    By leveraging the Security Engine’s flexible checks and unified visibility, you can establish a robust and tailored security posture for your cloud environment. You can ensure that your security assessments are aligned with your organization’s specific needs while maintaining a centralized view of your overall security status. This empowers you to proactively identify and address security risks, maintain compliance, and make informed decisions to protect your critical assets and data in the cloud.

    Security Issues

    View all the security issues in one screen with HYMDL. Stay informed and in control with our comprehensive platform that allows you to easily monitor and track security concerns. Get a clear overview of all potential threats at a glance, helping you prioritize and address them effectively. With HYMDL, you can conveniently identify, manage, and resolve security issues, empowering you to keep your online environment safe and secure.

    Security Graph

    Visualize resource relationships on HYMDL, enhanced by an overlay showcasing potential security issues. Gain an invaluable understanding of the interplay between various assets, while keeping a vigilant eye on potential vulnerabilities. Dive into the Security Graph and let it guide you as you navigate the complex landscape, ensuring comprehensive protection for your valuable resources.

    Security Graph with Network

    HYMDL offers a comprehensive solution to enhance network security. With our powerful Security Graph with Network, you can effortlessly visualize network connectivity for your resources, enabling you to quickly identify resources that may have internet exposure. By visualizing potential attack paths, you gain valuable insights into vulnerabilities that need immediate attention. Trust HYMDL to provide you with the tools and knowledge to safeguard your network effectively.

    Recommendation Engine

    HYMDL’s Recommendation Engine provides an advanced and refined LLM model that offers valuable recommendations. In addition, it effectively highlights the risk score and provides an estimate of the effort required for fixes. Integrated with planning tools like Jira, HYMDL seamlessly creates stories on the application teams’ backlog, ensuring a streamlined and efficient workflow.