Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Secure Your Cloud with Granular Access Control and Secrets Management


HYMDL Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) is a comprehensive solution that empowers organizations to effectively manage and secure user access to cloud resources. By providing a centralized inventory of cloud users, roles, permissions, SSH keys, and secrets, HYMDL CIEM enables you to enforce the principle of least privilege and move towards a zero-trust security model.

Centralized Inventory and Risk Assessment

HYMDL CIEM creates a comprehensive inventory of cloud users, roles, and their associated permissions across your cloud infrastructure. This centralized view allows you to easily identify and manage user access rights, ensuring that users only have the necessary permissions to perform their tasks. By highlighting the security risks associated with each user’s permissions, HYMDL CIEM enables you to proactively mitigate potential vulnerabilities and maintain a strong security posture.

The visual graph provided by HYMDL CIEM illustrates the relationships between users, IAM policies, and the resources they have access to. This intuitive representation helps you understand the complex web of access rights and identify any excessive or unnecessary permissions. With this level of visibility, you can make informed decisions about access control and implement the principle of least privilege effectively.

Secrets Management and Rotation

HYMDL CIEM includes a robust Secrets module that provides a centralized inventory of keys and secrets stored across your cloud environment. With this module, you can easily manage and secure sensitive information, such as API keys, database credentials, and encryption keys. The Secrets module allows you to set rotation periods for each secret, ensuring that they are regularly updated to minimize the risk of unauthorized access.

The self-service rotation feature enables users to rotate their own keys and secrets, reducing the burden on IT administrators. Additionally, HYMDL CIEM offers a subscription-based notification system that alerts users and administrators of upcoming rotation deadlines. This proactive approach ensures that secrets are always up to date and helps maintain a high level of security.

Integration with Cloud-Native Tools and Least Privilege Enforcement

HYMDL CIEM seamlessly integrates with cloud-native tools to identify and highlight violations of least privilege policies. By analyzing user permissions and access patterns, HYMDL CIEM can detect instances where users have been granted excessive or unnecessary permissions. This integration allows you to quickly identify and remediate any deviations from best practices, ensuring that your cloud environment remains secure.

Through this integration, HYMDL CIEM enables you to enforce granular access control policies across your cloud infrastructure. You can define and implement strict least privilege policies, ensuring that users only have access to the specific resources and actions required for their roles. This fine-grained control helps minimize the attack surface and reduces the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

    Your Compass for Navigating Cloud Access Management

    HYMDL Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management is a powerful solution that revolutionizes the way organizations manage and secure user access to cloud resources. By providing a centralized inventory, visual relationship mapping, and risk assessment capabilities, HYMDL CIEM empowers you to enforce the principle of least privilege and adopt a zero-trust security model. With its robust Secrets management module and seamless integration with cloud-native tools, HYMDL CIEM enables you to effectively manage and rotate sensitive information while ensuring continuous compliance with best practices. Take control of your cloud security today with HYMDL CIEM and gain the visibility, control, and peace of mind you need to protect your critical assets in the cloud.

    IAM Users

    HYMDL: Discover IAM Users, Groups, and Their Permissions and Secrets

    Explore a comprehensive list of IAM users and groups, alongside their corresponding permissions and secrets such as SSH keys and credentials. Take control with the ability to effortlessly disable, rotate, and enable keys and secrets. Stay informed through customizable subscriptions and receive timely notifications to owners of IAM users. Experience the power of HYMDL in managing your IAM ecosystem.

    IAM Graph

    With HYMDL, users can now have a comprehensive visual representation of user and role access to resources, allowing for a better understanding and implementation of the Least Privileges policy. By leveraging HYMDL’s powerful capabilities, users can easily identify and address any gaps or vulnerabilities in their access control framework. With its intuitive recommendations, HYMDL guides users towards achieving optimal access control, empowering organizations to enhance their security posture and ensure that permissions are granted only as necessary.

    Azure Secrets

    HYMDL: Simplify Azure Secrets Management

    With a range of essential features at your fingertips, take full control of your secrets effortlessly. Subscribe to receive timely notifications and stay up-to-date with every change. Rotate your secrets seamlessly to enhance security and thwart potential threats. Enable or disable access with ease, ensuring only authorized individuals can harness their power. Let HYMDL simplify the expiration process, saving you valuable time and effort.