Account Vending Machine

HYMDL’s Account Vending Machine (AVM) is a centralized, automated solution that redefines how you set up and manage your cloud accounts.


Provide your teams with a self-service portal for requesting and provisioning cloud accounts customized to meet your enterprise needs. Maintain control over your cloud platform with a structured request and approval process for new accounts, ensuring regulated growth.

Define Baseline for Accounts

Strategic Standardization: Starting with a strong baseline for cloud accounts is like laying the foundation of a building. It ensures that all subsequent actions, from security to operations, are built on a consistent, compliant, and secure framework. This initial step is critical because, according to industry surveys, a significant portion of cloud adoption challenges stem from inconsistent configurations leading to operational inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities.

Multi-Account Structure

Scalable Architecture: A multi-account structure allows organizations to segment resources for different projects, teams, or services, providing greater control and reducing risk. This is important as per cloud maturity models, where advanced cloud adoption is characterized by efficient resource isolation, cost tracking, and disaster recovery – all enabled by a multi-account setup.

Cloud Native Service Integration

Leverage Built-In Excellence: Utilizing cloud-native services ensures that the organization can take full advantage of the continuous innovations offered by cloud providers. Industry surveys have shown that integration with these services is a hallmark of mature cloud strategies, driving both agility and competitive advantage.

    Security and Tag Policies

    Enforced Governance: By defining and implementing security and tag policies across the organization, AVM provides a unified governance model that is crucial for compliance and operational clarity. As indicated by cloud adoption surveys, robust governance frameworks are a key differentiator for organizations in higher maturity stages, leading to better security postures and more efficient resource management.

    Custom SSO Integration

    Streamlined Access Management: Custom SSO integration is pivotal for simplifying access controls and enhancing security. It removes the complexity of managing multiple credentials, a critical factor as organizational cloud environments become more sophisticated. Surveys suggest that mature cloud adopters prioritize identity and access management to safeguard their environments against unauthorized access.

    CMDB Integration

    Resource Visibility and Compliance: Integrating with a CMDB enables detailed tracking of all cloud resources, which is crucial for compliance, cost management, and security. This level of visibility is often cited in maturity models as a characteristic of organizations that have achieved advanced stages of cloud adoption.

    Importance of the Right Start

    Cloud Maturity Advantage: Initiating the cloud journey with the correct configurations, governance, and operational models is paramount. It sets the trajectory for the organization to evolve through the cloud maturity cycles effectively. As per industry surveys, companies that start their cloud adoption on the right foot tend to reach the optimized stage of cloud maturity quicker, reaping benefits such as cost savings, enhanced security, and operational excellence.

    By utilizing the HYMDL Account Vending Machine, organizations not only acquire a range of capabilities but also adopt a strategic framework that positions them for enduring success in their cloud journey.


    HYMDL: Discover the Power of Visualizing AWS Organizations Structure with Policies Overlay.

    With HYMDL, you can effortlessly gain a comprehensive understanding of your AWS Organizations structure and enhance it with Org policies overlay. HYMDL empowers you to optimize your AWS Organizations by visualizing its intricate elements and policies, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive your business forward. Unleash the full potential of your AWS infrastructure with HYMDL’s cutting-edge visualization tools.

    Management Groups

    HYMDL: Streamline Your Azure Management Experience.

    Gain a clear understanding of your Azure Management Groups, security policies, and billing information overlay with HYMDL. Visualize and efficiently manage your resources, ensuring optimal organization and enhanced security.


    HYMDL: Enhancing Efficiency and Control over Cloud Accounts.

    Discover, Review, and Safely Modify metadata – effortlessly synchronized with cloud platforms whenever necessary.


    HYMDL: Customize your cloud account requests with ease.

    Our platform allows you to tailor the request form to your specific needs. Experience a seamless approval workflow that results in standardized accounts, incorporating top-notch security measures and operational best practices.


    Customize the HYMDL Intake form to perfectly align with the unique requirements of your organization. Configure it effortlessly, tailoring it precisely to meet your specific needs. With our intuitive customization options, you can ensure that every aspect of the intake form is designed to seamlessly capture and organize the information that matters most.